The Pigeon Has Landed (new site design)


It has been a year and a half since I last updated the design of my website, and today I am glad to announce the new design of the website and my blog.

The first thing to notice is that the pigeon is gone. Why? Because it had landed! The suspended state of the pigeon was a symbol of my living abroad as a postgraduate. Now that I have graduated and am living in Kuwait again it is time for the pigeon to rest… for a while. Something might replace it soon, you never know.

Stay tuned as you might see the pigeon making a special appearance soon.
Stay tuned as you might see the pigeon making a special appearance soon.

The new design is generally simpler. I tried to remove as much of the unnecessary elements as possible, especially in the blog. Not to mention the neutral colour theme; with grey, white and orange.

The internet is constantly changing. I understand that life on the internet today is more reliant on social interaction than centralised individual content hosting. I myself rarely check my own website 🙂 Apart from my profile and the special mini projects, all the content of the site is socially hosted. The photography section now contain works hosted on 500px and instagram in addition to Flickr, and the videos hosted on Vimeo. In addition to my blog, which I consider as the centre of my internet existence.

Viewing the website on mobile devices is easier on the eye due to the responsive nature of the design. The size and arrangement of the content of the site changes dynamically according to the width of the browser. Give it a try!

It still needs some work, I am sure of that. Any notes or suggestions you have are more than welcomed. The blog is still on WordPress, therefore it needs more work to make it feel and function similarly to the rest of the site, so bear with me please.

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