Sweet Dreams

Victoria Square in Birmingham
Being back to school -as a student- is a great thing (not when you are in high school.. I know that!). After two and a half years of “working” as a teacher I knew that I had enough.. I was not meant to be a teacher, not in a secondary school.. and certainly not in Al Sabaheyah !

I believe that change is good.. specially when boredom and depression starts creeping in your life. So I started chasing my Cheese. Thanks to Allah, I had a chance to study abroad.. so I took it. Sure, lots of things had to be changed, lots of dreams had to be delayed and lots of work had to be done.. but at the end I’m sure that it will be worth it.

Here I am, 4815 kilometers away form my home in Kuwait, living happily in my new -temporary- home in Birmingham, UK :).

I must say that I never dreamt or even thought at any point in my life that I will be studying something like History of Art. I’ve always thought I will become a pilot, engineer (which was a big mistake!) or graphic designer. To be honest I never dreamt that I would be a school teacher either.. but hey.. Life is like a box of chocolate :). Although my goal is not becoming an art historian but I promise that I will be a great one .. and I promise that I will NOT be one for a long time!

There are many dreams and goals to achieve, and if it takes 10 years of art history to achieve them so be it, lets see who is gonna laugh at the end 😀 .

Wishing you sweet dreams.. and life long enough to achieving them..

Moayad Hassan

The Usual Thing

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
welcome to moayad.com

Like every blog in the wold.. this is an entry dedicated to saying “Hi.. and Welcome to my blog”.

Actually moayad.com is more than just a blog, it’s a complete personal website. So make sure to checkout and enjoy the other sections of the site.

I will be posting my thoughts, plans and news in these pages. And together we will see some very interesting developments Enshaa Allah.

Wish me luck and Allah’s support.. and be sure that I wish you the same..

Moayad Hassan