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I found the solution to the slow scrolling problem some browsers were having. En shaa Allah it will be fixed as soon as possible.

These days I’m just too busy with my studies. Please make Doa for me :). I will start fixing and updating the site when I’m done with my essays and presentations.

Crazy Month!

Crazy things happened since my last post. Debates, economic sanctions, riots, violence.. ambassadors retrieved, buildings burnt even people died ! All of that because of a few stupid cartoons printed in some stupid newspaper.. in Denmark!

People went Denmark crazy (and I don’t blame them really). I may as well swear that if you asked those people two months ago where the Denmark is on the map or what the Denmark flag looks like they would open their mouths and stare at you (few of them still do!).

There are two reasons why I’m talking about this issue today. First, It was a strange coincident that Islam and freedom of speech was the subject of one of my essays for the last term (I talked about it in my last post). What influenced my essay was a similar event that took place in the mid 80’s about Salman Rushdi and his book Satanic Verses which caused the same kind of reaction and debate in both the Islamic and the Western worlds.

I would’ve loved to include the recent events in the essay but it is too late now. Wish me luck and good grades :).

The second reason why I’m writing about this matter is to promote a new project we are working on theses days. The project is called It’s an invitation to express our true love to our prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him and a message to the world that we love this man so much for a reason and will not accept any kind of humiliation toward him.

So go ahead and express your love.. tell us why do you love Mohammed (PBUH)?

Finally .. Light !

tunnel over the canal

ZinC Says:
December 26th, 2005 at 10:53 am e
ya kaslaaan, no posting for a month?:D


So what was I doing during the last month?

Well, few days after my Alive post my father, mother and sister arrived here in Birmingham and stayed with us (my wife, daughter and I) for about three weeks. We had a really great time and had a chance to go to London and stay there for 5 days. Needless to say, we took the opportunity of being in London to take a lot of lovely tourists pictures and visit the National Gallery to look at Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait, more about that later 🙂 .

After that we retuned to Birmingham (two hours trip by train) and my folks left to Kuwait few days after that. Then came christmas, a very sad and extra lonely time for us, believe me it was nothing like the things we see on TV! It was cold, everything was closed and for the first time.. we were home sick 🙁 .

Few days later came the new year, which was another disappointment by the way. Then I started doing my essays for the university.. three 3000 word essays which should be submitted in less than 2 weeks! So it was “Karaf Time” :D.

One essay was about Art and Freedom of Speech which was interesting and challenging, but I feel like I didn’t give it all I have. The other one was the least important one because it was just a draft which will not be assessed and I will rewrite it any way. By the wat it was about Braque.. who was a friend of Picasso.

The last and most important essay for me was about a painting called the Arnolfini Portrait by a Netherlandish painter called Jan van Eyck. Sound’s familiar? Yes it is the painting I went to see in the National Gallery in London. It’s a lovely and interesting painting which many of you may have seen before without knowing it. Take a look at it.

I will talk about this painting and the essay I did about it in another post Enshaa Allah. Believe me, it’s very interesting :).

After I was done with the essays I thought that I need a REAL short vacation, so we went to London again for the weekend. I submitted my last essay on friday, went to London on saturday and retuned on sunday… the day Shikh Jaber passed away!

So.. you see, I did not have much time to be Kaslan any way 🙂

Now after a full, and some times hard, month I can finally say that I’m back on my feet.. I can finally say that I’m able to breath the air and feel the shine of the light.

Thank Allah for everything 🙂