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In the beginning I thought that I was the only person who have problems with Watani Online (WOL) service. The problem was that every time I want to log in to checkout my NBK (National Bank of Kuwait) account on my Mac I have to use Internet Explorer instead of Safari which I usually use for everyday browsing.

Few days ago Mark posted about a problem he was having with using WOL, and from the replies on this topic and other topics that followed I found out that the problem is much worst than I expected. It looks like Internet Explorer, which Microsoft stopped supporting long time ago, is no longer available for download! What that means is that all new Mac users have no way to use WOL and check their accounts online!!

Mark and other Mac users emailed the NBK people, but they were faced with a standardized reply telling them to simply.. use a PC!! I emailed them myself and got an almost identical reply as they did.

This is a monopoly (and not the good fun one :)) which we all should stand against.. both Mac and PC users!

Go ahead.. email them and tell them that you demand equality.

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  1. im a mac user, too . and i do face lots of similar problems, you should consider using Firefox when any of these problems happen again, i always do, and it always works out fine for me. nbk, salmiya, or any other website with certain features that Safari doesn’t support

    good luck

  2. does the site give you an error message that browser is not supported ? or does it just not work ? you might want to try enabling the Debug menu in Safari (do a search) and then you can set how Safari is recognized (as IE6 or Mozilla or Opera, etc)

  3. The message on the site tell me that I should use IE. It’s not an error, this is the way NBK site is designed.

    I heard that there are som eextentions for firefox which make it look like IE for the site, but I never tried it myself.

  4. Hey are u gona Mad I am Usin Mac toooooooooo But i didnt face Problem . Yes There Was problems With nbk Site smetimes but tht dosent mean tht it is the bank monopoly
    Well i suggest You to use Firefox And better Dont Try Again Well thts all wht i have to say on Ur Question:lol:

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