Flash Flashback!


This -I think- is the first real Flash animation I have ever done!

I did it -I think- in 1999 using Flash 3 (or 4).

I got the idea of the animation long before Titanic (the movie). Actually, this animation is some how converted from an older animation I did on my old Amiga computer using a software called Fantavision sometime between 1992-1995.. I think. In the old animation I used the same song and the same composition.. except there was no iceberg, the ship just sank by itself! Nobody cared at that time :razz:.

The song is Damee Tahaddar by Awadh Dookhi.


4 تعليقات على “Flash Flashback!”

  1. هههههههه
    المفروض تكون حاط القصه من البدايه لي النهايه

    والله شيشتني
    خل اروح اسوي مسلسل كرتوني

  2. أنا أقول البلوق منور اليوم 😀

    باقي القصه معروفه.. في أحد ما يعرف قصة بن عيدان؟ 😛

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