Maybe I’m Just Crazy! (video)

Maybe I’m Just Crazy! from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.

It wasn’t planned like that, but this came out as a music video 🙂

Shot in the backyard with a Canon Hv20 fitted with a DIY DOF adapter and a Sigma 50mm f/2.8. I did not color correct, just simple editing with FCP. Please download the original file from vimeo since the conversion took some of the colour away.


BTW, the DOF adapter is currently for sale on eBay.


Music by Julandrew:

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  1. hi man i’m really pleased to see your footages and your adapter,but there’s a big problem, i missed the bid on ebay so i would like to purchase one directly to you if possible.
    E-mail me if you think there’s some chance!

    thanks again !

  2. ok thanks for your reply!

    you’re not so glad about dof adapters from your photographer point of view,can you explain why dof adapters doesn’t fulfill your your technical wishes?
    (i write that because i saw your quote on vimeo saying:”dof adapters are overrated…”)



  3. You’re taking my words out of context here 🙂

    What I was talking about was the use of DOF adapter as a tool to create something “different”. I said that there are things which are more important like learning how to edit and colour correct. If you think that you are a good editor, colour corrector and, more importantly, good videographer and you have the money and the time to learn about using DOF adapters… then why not 🙂

    Here is my full reply:

    I really can’t suggest anything specific. I can only suggest showing us more of your work 🙂

    I would suggest a DOF adapter since you have your photography gear which are ready to be used with it, but I figured out that DOF adapters are over rated. It is better to spend more time learning editing and color correcting techniques than to spend time and money on an adapter. Try ‘Magic Bullet Looks’, you’ll love it 🙂

  4. ok sorry,thanx for clearing it up!
    i made a mistake and the full explanation says it all!
    colour correction is the key but it’s quite difficult to learn alone,do you know any good tutorial on colour correction please?
    i only found interesting tutorial on youtube,not too difficullt…
    anyway thanks for your answer!
    (subliminal messsage:please make another dof adapter please!)

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