Blajat (video project)

Blajat (video project)

Blajat from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.

I was on my way home from the gym one morning, I looked to my left and was amazed by the colour and motion of the waves!

Shot with Phantom 4 Pro at 4K. It was supposed to be at 60 fps but for some reason it came out as 47.95 :/, but it got slowed down to 24 fps just fine… most of the time. Colour corrected with PIXEL FILM STUDIOS LUT LOADER, also added DOF effect to some shots with PRODOF and the star filter by MBL. So it was all one big experiment which came out to my liking, so I decided to share it with you.

Music by Antle, Fata Morgana is the name of the song which I printed on the video by mistake!


منطقة البلاجات بنهار ذو جو ليس مثاليا.
Jump (video project)

Jump (video project)

Jump from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.

Flying over fog was one of the major dreams I hoped to achieve by shooting with a drone, and that dream came true last night! To make it more understandable, generally, fog in the Kuwaiti weather is rare, and having this kind of low/fast-moving cloudy weather is even more scarce. So when I looked out of window last night and saw this scene I literarily ran to grab my Phantom and take it to the roof! It felt like I was jumping over the clouds!

The drone used is Phantom 4 Pro, shot at 4K 23.9 (to compensate for the low light) and ISO of 1600. Yes there was a lot of noise! I used Red Giant’s Denoiser which helped a bit.

Music of the Batman movies was playing in my mind the whole time, but I found this piece by Raab Christian even more epic!


طيران ليلي فوق السحاب، في ليلة كويتية يغطيها الضباب.
100 Meters (video project)

100 Meters (video project)

100 Meters from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.

I pass by these construction sites everyday, but I haven’t realised how tall they are until I found my drone close to hitting the cranes above it when it was flying at it’s maximum set altitude!

Shot in 4K with Phantom 4 Pro, edited with FCPX, graded with MBL.

Music: Alexandr Ossipov


أن يتغير العالم من حولك دون أن تشعر… أو ترغب.
Tracks (video project)

Tracks (video project)

Tracks from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.

A continuation of the ambient story-telling, mostly looking down. And yes, that’s in Kuwait.
Shot with DJI Phantom 4 pro at 4K.
Music: Evgeny Tailor



فيديو تم تصويره قبيل المغرب، يقدم نظرة من علو على أجواء الطرقات.
Sekrab (video project)

Sekrab (video project)

Sekrab from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.

Kind of a fun horror-styled ambiance film. Sot at Kuwait scrapyard, which is located far in the middle of the dessert.

Shot with BMPCC, Voigtlander 35mm f/1.4 at Salmy Junkyard, Kuwait. Edited with FCP X with Magic Bullet Looks and some ClumplePop Film grain and Light effects.
Music: Bleak Landscape By: Bobby Cole

فيديو بأجواء من الرعب، تم تصويره في سكراب السالمي في صحراء الكويت.