Jump (video project)

Jump from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.

Flying over fog was one of the major dreams I hoped to achieve by shooting with a drone, and that dream came true last night! To make it more understandable, generally, fog in the Kuwaiti weather is rare, and having this kind of low/fast-moving cloudy weather is even more scarce. So when I looked out of window last night and saw this scene I literarily ran to grab my Phantom and take it to the roof! It felt like I was jumping over the clouds!

The drone used is Phantom 4 Pro, shot at 4K 23.9 (to compensate for the low light) and ISO of 1600. Yes there was a lot of noise! I used Red Giant’s Denoiser which helped a bit.

Music of the Batman movies was playing in my mind the whole time, but I found this piece by Raab Christian even more epic!


طيران ليلي فوق السحاب، في ليلة كويتية يغطيها الضباب.

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