Campus Tour (Photo Project)

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You can see the whole photo set here:

I went on a tour around the campus with the photosoc members ( University of Birmingham’s Photographic Society) few days ago (3/10/2009) and got a handful of nice pictures and, most importantly, met a bunch of nice guys and gals.

The weather was weird that day to say the least! Overcast, cloudy, rainy, sunny, windy… you name it we got it in those 2 hours! It was unpredictable.. and that’s what made things even more fun 🙂 and that’s why you will notice a variety in colours, tones and light quality throughout the set. It looks as it the pictures were taken in different times of the year!

This is probably the first real-life activity I participate in with the photosoc, even though I’m a member of the flickr group for 3 or 4 years or so. There were lots of students attending that activity, something I was not expecting! We were separated into different groups of six and went around the campus with a list of landmarks or missions to photograph, like Aston Webb building, the clock tower, the Girl in the Hat statue, sport fields, a portrait of a fellow photographer and some others.

At the end it was a really fun day and I definitely wish to participate in many other activities like this.. whenever I get a chance.

Clock Tower and Autumn Aston Webb Duplicity Girl in The Hat Joe's Bar

You can see the whole photo set here:

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