Walks in London (photo project)

walks in london

I go London from time to time, most of the times in short busy visits with no time to waste. This time was a bit different. I had plenty of time to walk around and discover new corners of London which I’ve never been to before, and of course my camera was always with me.

I got lost, I got bored and I got a sore feet for the first few days (new shoes!), the GPS brought me back home and the camera kept me company. The results are as you can see in the collection above.

It’s another photo project made possible by the lightness and discretion of the D-Lux 4 😉

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  1. Well done mate, looks like you got a nice spin in London:smile: havent been there for some time, I miss London, any way nice collection, loved the photo up there, and Caffee Nero rocks 😈

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