The da Vinci Yawn

the davinci yawn

I bought The da Vinci Code (the book) last June, so I had it for about a year now. At first I thought I will start reading it on the airplane which was supposed to take us to our vacation (which didn’t happen). So I delayed reading the book until my next flight, which was the flight that took me to my current home last September.

First of all, I don’t know about you but reading in an airplane never worked for me, I don’t know why. After arriving and settling down I tried my best to finish the book before the film is released. The book was my companion on the long train journeys for exmaple, but most of the times I read it while I was doing the laundry in the laundry place (you know, the place where you use coins for the large washing and drying machines) so there is always a connection in my mind between the book and doing the laundry. So washing machines reminds with the book, and the book remind me with washing machines some how.

After about 8 months of reading I realized that I’m still in chapter 21 or something like that (out of 105 chapters)! I am not much of a novel reader, but 112 pages and Langdon and Sophie still haven’t left the Louvre!! That was too much garga for me!

I almost gave up, but when I finished my course and my essays I decided to give it another try, specially now that the film is released. I am still reading while doing the laundry, but now I also read a chapter or two every night in bed before sleeping.
Last night I reached chapter 60, and things are just starting to get more interesting :). I can’t say that I’m impressed with what I read so far, but I can’t give my artistic and art historical opinion untill I finish, so wait for the full review en shaa Allah.

From now on I will start my own da Vinci counter. At the end of each post I will write down just how far I am :).

The da Vinci counter: (60/105)

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  1. forget to mention

    Me too, can’t read in plane, bus, rockets, any type of transportation
    can’t foucs in place that contains any type of disraction.

  2. I’m better than you.. I can read in rockets 😛

    Some times I think about skipping the whole thing and just watch the movie and get it over with :twisted:.

    Is the ending worth the wait? ..

    please say yes 😕

  3. Everywhere I see The da Vinci Code .. Is it that much interesting?

    If so, I will get one ..

    same as you, I borrowed a book from 3 months, and everytime I renew it lol.

    Its the story of Karmen bin Ladin, talking about her life in Kingdom with bin ladin family..

    yalla madam ennah summer ya, I have to finish it 😀

  4. توني بس شفت الفيلم

    وايد مختصر القصة ، القصة احلى

    ما راح تفهم الفيلم إلا إذا خلصت قراءة القصة

  5. fatma..

    يالله .. الله يوفقج و تخلصين جابتر 78 😛


    If you haven’t started reading the book then don’t bother 😕 .. watch the movie o fokkay ro7ech 😛


    I cant now.. I have to finish what I started 🙂


    راح اخلص القصة إن شاء الله..

    أمرنا لله 😐

  6. ويـــــــــــــــو وصلت 83 خلنا نقلبها تحدي من يخلصه بالأول ^_^

    وان شاء الله باجر رايحه الفلم واحس ان بنقهر اذا ما قدرت اخلصها اليوم حتى لو اسهر عليها =|

  7. well I was just going to buy the book when I heard about the movies (i’m talking about last year) so I decided to buy another book of him which is called “Angels & Demons” but guess what?! it still unreadable for me 😕

  8. 😮 واو
    ترى قصصه حلوه لكن شوي شوي بالاول خلص دفنشي وبعيدن الثاني

    رحت الفلم ترى الي ما قرى القص مو فاهم شي كلش
    وبعدين انا توقعت شي وطلع شي ثاني لكن يعني الفلم تمام
    لكن فيه نقص وايد بالمقاطع للأسف 🙁


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