Friday at Salhia (video project)

Friday at Salhia on Vimeo.

Here is a different video than the ‘walks’ series I’ve been doing lately. I could not call it Salhia Walk because it was not shot during a one walk like the others, it was shot over two days instead.. two Fridays.

Salhia in Kuwait city is home of two things; home of the super posh Slahia Complex, and home of what is known as the Sheraton Roundabout. The later is THE place where thousands of Asian expatriates gather during the weekend every friday to shop, eat and meet friends. It’s a whole different experience, you feel like you have traveled to a different world when you walk in that place.

In the video you will notice lots of gazes at the camera and that’s because a big camera (with a monopod) is an unusual sight. But people there are very friendly, and very curious as well, it is normal to have one or two persons leaning behind you to gaze at the LCD of the camera every time you stop to shoot something… carry on and don’t look back 🙂

I used my brother’s Canon 50mm L f/1.2, very beautiful lens for both video and photo! I wouldn’t give it back if he didn’t take my 85mm in exchange :p. Of course I shot with my Canon 5D mkii and edited with AP CS6 with MBL.

The music is definitely very different from the soft piano pieces I usually use. I needed the music to match the crazy and crowded scenes, and Blu Sirkut’s music fit the mood perfectly.


فيديو قمت بتصويره على مدى يومين في منطقة الصالحية في مدينة الكويت، منطقة الصالحية و ما يعرف بدوار الشيراتون تتميز بتقاطر الجالية الآسيوية من إليها من جميع أرجاء الكويت كل جمعة، جاء هذا الفيديو ليوثق هذه الظاهرة الاجتماعية المميزة التي تستحق الدراسة.

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