100 Amiga Games

This video contains scenes from 100 Amiga games in 10 minutes. I recognised (and mostly played) 35 39 of them. Honestly, I thought I could recognise more 🙂 .

If you don’t know what an Amiga is then never mind.. if you do, then you probably are an old geek just like me 😛

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  1. Bader..

    Do you mean Stunt Car Racer? I was so good at this game I even managed to network two Amigas to play the multiplayer mood 🙂

    Great to meet another Amigawey 😀

    smttz.. or Moayyed..

    I don’t think you will find these games anymore 🙂

    And it’s nice to meet another Moayad as well 😛

  2. Wow moayed !
    you just remembered me of the good old days
    it was very nice, every morning (after the prayer) me & my bro were ready to fight over amiga (who plays first ! :D) and in the later days there were competitions with my cousins also !
    some of nice games i played:
    Kick Off
    Test Drive
    Navy Seal
    an aircraft(y) game i don’t remember its name
    and another game which i was its (aholic :D) and i also don’t remember the name
    teslam eidek for remembering the nice days with amiga 🙂

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