Bupa Great Birmingham Run (photo project)

On 23 Oct. 2011 I passed by Broad Street in Birmingham on my way to Tesco’s and it happened that I was carrying my Ricoh 500 RF with Redscale Lomography film inside it. Right there I found a large crowd cheering for the runners of Bupa Great Birmingham Run, AKA Birmingham Half Marathon (OK that’s not entirely true since I saw the gathering from my window before going out, and I got a letter from the City Council about the road closures).

Since I’m not into marathons, or any kind of organised sports
for that matter, I was not interested in the race itself as much as I was interested in the human factor represented by the crowd and the runners themselves. Therefore I don’t know who won or in what time they finished, all I saw were the faces of the people and the expressions they made, and that was what I tried to reflect in this photo set.

See the full photo set here.


مجموعة صور من نصف ماراثون بوبا الكبير في بيرمينغهام، تم تصوير هذ المجموعة باستخدام كاميرة ريكو آر أف ٥٠٠ و فلم ريدسكيل من شركة لوموغرافي.

لمشاهدة المجموعة كاملة.

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