I’m on Facebook!

I’ve been on Facebook ‘personally’ for a long time now, that’s not new. But now I have a Page there from which I can communicate with the whole Facebook-sphere who do not visit my blog regularly.

It’s a nice page, really 🙂

I don’t spam, I just update it with light -or important- links every now and and then. Please ‘Like‘ it.. you’l like it 🙂


I’m also on Twitter by the way.

تعليقان (2) على “I’m on Facebook!”

  1. I only got encouraged (or convinced) to make a page for myself after Facebook decided to change the name from ‘Fan Page’ to just ‘Page’, and from ‘Become a Fan’ to ‘Like’. It’s a small change but it means a lot 🙂

    So no… I’m not a celebrity and I’m not collecting fans! It’s just another way of using Social Networking to communicate with and reach a new demographic 💡

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