Web Art #1

In this series I will display some websites which I think are Art Works by themselves. Some of these sites are really cool and trendy, others are just plain weird.. just like all contemporary art.

So what make a web site an art work?

Well, it’s a complicated subject which we will discuss as we go along.

I will start with a site called:

unCONTROL (www.uncontrol.com)

unCONTROL is what its author Manny Tan call ‘Algorithm Art’. A collection of visual experiments Tan programmed using programming and scripting languages like Flash Action-script and Java which creates interactive moving elements inspired by things observed in nature.

Web Art still hasn’t got a clear academic definition, but this site has the interactivity and the “Neen” bits, so it could be counted as Web Art. What could be questioned is the fact that each one of the experiments is somehow separated from the others. Each experiment could be thought of as a different work connected only by the navigation interface.

So could unControl be thought of as an Art Gallery instead of an Art Work?

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  1. interesting site!

    well, I think it’s the old story of art when it clashes with other majors
    artists see it as a peice of art, (maybe) programmers and site developers see as a gaient error!

    each specialist has his own definition of a good/ intersting design
    and design here covers every invention in oowr live
    starting from a nail, cars, building, and websites

  2. can I think of one?

    well, we need first to set some rules so we can base our judgments
    art is an elastic word

    each of us has his own defintion of art work
    some could say the interface of the web, the colors, and compositions
    others may consider the functionalty of the layout the links, interaction between the site and the user

    others appreciate the techniques and programming

    websites are like architecture if not a new form of it
    many specialist are involved in the work
    from the designer and programmer to the sociologist!

    and each has his own defintion of what is a website the is a work of art 😉

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