Name: Moayad Hassan (a.k.a. Dr. Muayad Hussain)

Born: 1976

Location: Kuwait



– PhD History of Art (University of Birmingham, UK, 2012)

– MA History of Art (University of Birmingham, UK, 2006)

– Bachelor of Art Education (Collage of Basic Education, Kuwait, 2003)



Other Qualifications:

– Documentary Film Making Diploma (London Academy of Media, Film and TV, UK, 2009)

– Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) (Prosoft Trainning, Kuwait, 1999)



Worked as:

•Assistant Professor at The Collage of Basic Education (Jaber University) (Kuwait, 2012-present)

•Art Education Teacher at the Ministry of Education (Kuwait, 2003-2005)

•Graphic Designer – Royal Advertising (Kuwait, 2000)

•Freelance Web Designer (1998-present)



Non-Profit Orginisations:

• Manager/Founder – Cultural Project (2015-present)

• Manager/Co-founder – Photography Group (2007-2015)



Madkhal Ela Al Naqd Al Fnni (Introduction to Art Criticism) (20016)

• Al Soura Al Kabeera (The Big Picture) (2016)

Ma Waraa Al Fann (Behind Art) (2015)



I consider myself to be a visual communicator. Blogging, photography, video, audio, design and art are important tools for the visual communication process. The understanding and analysis of the cultural application and implication of these tools is of no less significance nonetheless.



Please contact me by Email or connect to me by: TwitterFlickrVimeoFacebookTumblr  – 500pxInstagramGoogle+