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Ordinary Night – ليلة عادية

Ordinary Night (in Birmingham) from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.


The scenes of this film were shot on an ordinary January night in Birmingham, UK. There is nothing special about them, no special event happening, no special beauty to show, no special people doing special things. Just people ending their day on the streets of ordinary Birmingham City Centre.

I’ve shot many films of Birmingham during the 7 years I spent living in it, you can find them here, but this film is kind of special to me because I can relate to those ordinary nights, there is a personal bond to the places and people appearing in it.

Shot with a hand held Black Magic Pocket with Leica Summicron 50mm f/2. It’s my first edit with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015, and marks my comeback to Premiere after some long many years of working with Final Cut Pro. I kind of pushed the ProRes 422 codec to the limits with the colour grading of some scenes, but the results are not bad in my opinion, although a faster lens (and a monopod) could’ve helped a bit.


مشاهد هذا الفلم صورت بليلة عادية من ليالي الشتاء في مدينة بيرمينجهام، لا شيء غير مألوف ولا فائق الجمال فيها، فقط أناس عاديون ينهون يومهم في شوارع هذه المدينة العادية.مدينة بيرمينجهام البريطانية هي مدينتي التي عشت فيها ٧ سنين عندما كنت أدرس في جامعتها، هي أقرب لكونها وطن ثان لي. عندما أسير في شوارعها فلا أحس إطلاقا بأني غريب أو سائح… حتى بعد أن مضت ما تقارب الثلاث سنوات على مغادرتي لها وعودتي إلى الكويت. هي مدينة بالفعل ليس بها غريب، فإن تأملت في وجوه سكانها الذين تشاهدهم في هذا الفلم ستجد فيهم تنوعا منسجما من البشر، من مختلف الأشكال والألوان والأنواع. هي مدينة تفتح ذراعيها للكل، تحترم الكل، تقدر الكل، وتعطي للكل فرصة. فلا غرابة إذن أن اعتبرها وطن لي، فهي وطن لكل الغرباء… بها يجدون انتماء ويمارسون حرية إن تخلت عنهم وقمعتهم أوطانهم.


ordinary night

The Royal Wedding Day (photo project)

Click Here to see the full set of the photographs

The 29th of April 2011 was a very special day in the UK, it of course was the day of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. London was the place to be on that day. We decided at the last minute to go to London to witness the event, and at the same time to celebrate my youngest daughter Aya’s 5th birthday which was on the same day 🙂



There are two things I noticed about London on that day. First, obviously, everybody was there, and I mean EVERYBODY! It was impossible to go anywhere near the path the wedding carriage was suppose to run through, unless you’ve taken your place at least since the night before. There were so many people there the rest of London was empty; Leicester Square, Oxford and Regent Streets, Covent Garden were all frighteningly deserted. It was really an odd experience to walk the streets of Central London in midday almost alone! We went to have frozen yogurt at Snog and we actually were the only ones in the shop… in a Friday afternoon! In this place you usually can hardly find a place to stand, we occupied two tables… and at the end the kids turned the middle bench into a catwalk… that’s how empty it were in there!



The second thing worth mentioning is that during the five and a half years I spent in the UK this is the first time I see so many Union Jacks up in the streets. In Kuwait (and many other nations) we are used to seeing our national flag all over the place, especially when there is a national occasion like the National Day, but in the UK you almost never see that sight. Sure you see the English flag more often during the World Cup, but that’s about it. This occasion on the other hand made British people proud of their country and their system again, and that’s always a good thing. People of all nationalities, races, backgrounds were happy and smiling, and so were us.



مجموعة من الصور تم التقاطها يوم الزواج الملكي الذي جمع الأمير ويليام مع كاثرين ميديلتون يوم ٢٩ / ٤ / ٢٠١١ من مدينة لندن: 

إضغط هنا لمشاهدة مجموعة الصور كاملة

Camden (video project)

Camden from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.

I was scanning through some old tapes and found thses shots which were taken in Camden, London last summer (2010). I found them quite interesting and put them together in this quick edit.

Shot with Canon HV20, edited in Final Cut Pro and graded with Magic Bullet Looks.

مجموعة من اللقطات التي وجدتها في أحد أشرطتي القديمة قمت بتجميعها بشكل سريع في هذا الفيديو البسيط ، المشاهد تم تصويرها في منطقة كامدن في مدينة لندن.


Ice 2010 (video and photo project)

Ice 2010 from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.

It was between -9 to -6c one early morning. The frost has just started to melt as the sun rose, so I dropped the kids to their school and ran back home to grab the camera and go out again to catch a few photos of the silver scenes before the frost milts by the golden rays of the morning first hour.

One of the main things that attracted my eyes were the frozen spiderwebs which I’ve seen some lovely pictures of before and always wanted to catch one like them myself, so I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them this big that morning!

The photos from this short trip, among few other wintery pictures, can be seen in this gallery:



Shot with Canon 5D MKii with Canon 100mm f/2.8L IS macro. All handheld with the help of the IS and Lock&Load. Post in Final Cut Pro with colour correction in 3ycc and grading with a little MBL.