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Ice 2010 (video and photo project)

Ice 2010 from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.

It was between -9 to -6c one early morning. The frost has just started to melt as the sun rose, so I dropped the kids to their school and ran back home to grab the camera and go out again to catch a few photos of the silver scenes before the frost milts by the golden rays of the morning first hour.

One of the main things that attracted my eyes were the frozen spiderwebs which I’ve seen some lovely pictures of before and always wanted to catch one like them myself, so I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them this big that morning!

The photos from this short trip, among few other wintery pictures, can be seen in this gallery:



Shot with Canon 5D MKii with Canon 100mm f/2.8L IS macro. All handheld with the help of the IS and Lock&Load. Post in Final Cut Pro with colour correction in 3ycc and grading with a little MBL.

Snow Bleached (photo project)

The temperature was about -2, which with the winds on top of Waseley Hills felt like -8 or even less. Heavily overcast, as can be seen clearly in the pictures. The lack of direct light, along with the snow covered horizon, made the scene almost monotone, depraved from colour and contrast.

It was a rather short photo journey, fun, regardless of the extreme weather. Shot with the Leica D-Lux 4 in RAW mode. This is practically the first time I use the RAW mode of the Leica since Aperture didn’t support it until the release of version 3, and I must say that I loved this little camera even more all over again 🙂

Photographed by Athoob.com

In snowy conditions the camera may get fooled and over expose the shots in order to bring the details of what it thinks is the subject of the picture, so I underexposed by 1/3 stop and used the snow profile on the camera (I don’t know if the last step matters since I’m shooting RAW anyway). In Aperture I increased the exposure as desired and pushed the dynamic range of the pictures by brightening the shadows a bit. I decreased the saturation to and increased the vibrancy in order to get rid of the blueish cast, and that gave me an even more bleached feeling to the already pale scene.

Click here to see the full set.

Frozen (video and photo projects)

No, I’m not talking about my blog activity although I know that I only posted 3 posts since the beginning of the year (one of them was written in last October). I’m talking about real things… frozen.

Here are some photo and video project I did during the past few months which I should’ve posted earlier but decided to collect them and post them all together in one thematic post.


A Foggy Christmas Eve from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.

I went to the canal behind Birmingham University train station just before dusk on christmas eve (2009). The weather was beautifully foggy all day, so it was a unique photographic opportunity for me.

The place was in almost total darkness. The only main lighting source I had was the orange ambient light from the distant streets which was intensified by both the fog and the snowy grounds. Other than that some lights behind the trees and the fence of the train station also helped a little.


Reservoir from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.

This is after the first small blizzard we had yesterday, later at night the amount of the snow doubled here in Birmingham. It’s as irresistible scene for us since we don’t see the snow that often, and not at all back in Kuwait!


And here are some snowy photographs as well:

Three Ways... One Destination Ghost/Train Snow Walker Razor Sharp


I hope you enjoy these works 🙂

بردنا وبردكم

يا زين الكويتيين :)كلما التقيت بصديق أو قريب يسألني عن رأيي ببرودة جو الكويت ، “شلونكم مع برد الكويت؟” .. أمس فقط سئلت هذا السؤال مرتين أو ثلاث :grin:و عندما تستفسر عن سر هذا السؤال أو عندما تجيب بأن البرد هو البرد يقول لك : “لا… بالكويت بردنا ناشف… يدش بالعظم!


من واقع التجربة.. أؤكد هنا و من هذا المنبر بأن البرد هو البرد… ماكو فرق بين برد ناشف و برد رصاص 😛

بل على العكس ، عندما تسير بالشارع و تضرب وجهك قطـَـيرات الرطوبة و تتبعها هبات الرياح المتجمدة فإنك ستشعر و كأن آلاف الأبر الدقيقة تنغرس على سطح وجهك ! يعني مو شي !!

لكن احنا عيايره ! يعني كل ما نزلت الحرارة إلى ما تحت العشر درجات تلحفنا و تمتمنا بكلمات مثل : “ذبحنا البرد!” و “ بل بل بل… سحتني!” ، و لكن في قرارة أنفسنا نشعر بغاية السعادة لهذه البرودة القارصة… لا و نتشيحط فيها على اللي ما عندهم برد (و أحيانا حتى على اللي عندهم .. لكنه مو “ناشف“) .

و طبعا عاداتنا الكويتية ما تسمحنا إن نفرح باللي عندنا ، لازم نتحلطم مع البرد و نقول : “عاد على هالبرد قول يطق مطر؟!” 😀

يا زينكم يالكويتيين 🙂