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First Total Shut Down in 7 Years

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Brief History:

In 2001 Starz Station was established, it was an online radio station in case you don’t know. In 2002 I started broadcasting the radio from my home using my PC, and that required the PC to be ON all the time… broadcasting. In 2003 Starz Station merged with Muslimz radio to become Muslim Starz.. The International Nasheed Radio. The PC remained ON all that time, since 2002 until last night!


During the 7 years period there were few stops every now and then, but with every temporary shut down I felt like I’m betraying the listeners, I know that I would be disappointed if I found the listen button of a radio station was not working… or gone. But this time I shut down the PC with confidence since I transferred most of Muslim Starz library to a remote server which currently is broadcasting the radio without my direct involvement. The automation software on the remote server is not as powerful as the one I have on my PC, but it works just fine for now. I’m sure most of the listeners will not notice the difference.


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It still needs my attention from time to time, but it’s now consuming less energy than before… which is the trendy thing to do these days. So yes, I’ll say it… we are now Greener 🙂 .

Another benefit of moving the server is that now I can use my PC to do other things more freely, specially now that I’ve just did some upgrades to it which kind of made me start to love my PC again… but that’s another story 😉