أرشيف الوسم: blog


I wanted to write something .. but not just anything ..

Can you see what I’m trying to do?

Looking at countless number of blogs through the years I found out that there are three types of blogs :

1) Everyday New Post Blog: The blogger feels like he have to write a new thing everyday no matter what. Most of the time these are the blogs which are filled with the biggest amount useless rubbish! It might be funny.. it might be entertaining (in a voyeuristic kind of way). But unless you are a really good writer with lots of things to say people will loose interest in the everyday great adventures of yours (or your daughter!) after exactly two days.. and thats a scientific fact!

2) Good Little Slow Blog: The blogger is either (a) don’t have much to say, or (b) have a lot to say but doesn’t have time to say it. Or a mix of the two. These are the kind of blogs that you add to your RSS reader (you know what an rss reader is, right?). The owner gets a lot of time to think about what his next post will be about.. so it better be good (unless he is a bad writer.. which is another story).

3) The Dead and Forgotten Blog: This is the handy work of a very enthusiastic (thank Allah.. then thank you spell checker :D) blogger (or wannabe blogger) who think he is Fuad Al Hashem or Anees Mansoor.. so he start a blog, write his first masterpiece followed by few others, then… bye bye blog.

Now I’m trying hard not to have the #3 blog.. and please hit me with a long salty water soaked stick before my blog become #1!

That was a good post wasn’t it 😀

I wrote something.. and it wasn’t that bad..

So my blog is alive.. and it’s not full of rubbish ..

Thank you Allah again 🙂