Frozen (video and photo projects)

No, I’m not talking about my blog activity although I know that I only posted 3 posts since the beginning of the year (one of them was written in last October). I’m talking about real things… frozen.

Here are some photo and video project I did during the past few months which I should’ve posted earlier but decided to collect them and post them all together in one thematic post.


A Foggy Christmas Eve from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.

I went to the canal behind Birmingham University train station just before dusk on christmas eve (2009). The weather was beautifully foggy all day, so it was a unique photographic opportunity for me.

The place was in almost total darkness. The only main lighting source I had was the orange ambient light from the distant streets which was intensified by both the fog and the snowy grounds. Other than that some lights behind the trees and the fence of the train station also helped a little.


Reservoir from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.

This is after the first small blizzard we had yesterday, later at night the amount of the snow doubled here in Birmingham. It’s as irresistible scene for us since we don’t see the snow that often, and not at all back in Kuwait!


And here are some snowy photographs as well:

Three Ways... One Destination Ghost/Train Snow Walker Razor Sharp


I hope you enjoy these works 🙂

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