Rangefinder (2/2)

Ok, so there is a downside to using a 40 year old camera, the risk of technical failure gets higher, and that’s what happened to my aged Konica!

As I said in my previous post, the light meter stopped working after just few exposures, but that’s not the big problem, the real problem happened just before loading a second film in the camera. I was testing the shutter without a film and I heard a strange click after which the shutter got completely stuck! Without going into much detail, I took the camera to a shop to get it fixed (in London), and the guy told me it would cost me £75 to get it all cleaned and lubricated… of course I said ‘No thanks!’ 😛

I listed the camera ‘as is’ in ebay and sold it for £10 which is not bad at all 🙂

Few weeks after this incident I had a chance to attend the Wolverhampton Camera Fair, UK’s biggest independent camera fair! It is any camera collector’s heaven! (more about that here (arabic))

I originally was looking for a Canonet Q17, but couldn’t find one, so I got myself a younger Ricoh 500 RF for about £25 (plus £2 for a strap). Of course by younger I mean it is only 30 year old… at least I’m older than her 😛

This time the camera worked very well. I shot and developed 2 films already and the results are just wonderful (you can see some of them at the bottom). The lens on this one is 40mm f/2.8, not as fast as the Konica but it does the job. It is also lighter and smaller with more plastic parts. As for the look, well it may not be as cool as the Konica but it is funkier and more modern looking. Since it is almost as small as the Leica D-Lux 4 I can use it as an everyday camera, it will not strain my nick or bulge my bag.

Ricoh 500 RF Ricoh 500 RF Ricoh 500 RF Ricoh 500 RF Ricoh 500 RF Ricoh 500 RF



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