Ship Graveyard – مقبرة السفن (video project)

Ship Graveyard – مقبرة السفن from Moayad Hassan on Vimeo.

The Ship Graveyard is a well-known spot to photographers in Kuwait. It is located in Doha area at the west shore of Kuwait Bay. I went there to accompany my wife who was doing a feature about the place for Kuwait Times newspaper. If you need more information about the place the piece she wrote should be your first stop:

I used my GoPro Hero 3+ in 1080p wide Protone setting. I used SwiftCam G2 handheld gimbal to steady the shots, which worked fine, it just that the shots were not steady enough to call it a professional result. But given the wind of that day and the muddy floor of the beach I would say that it was more than fine. Additional Lock n Load stabilisation was used in Adobe Premier Pro.

مقبرة السفن

It’s been a while since I shot and edited any heavy videos, so my skills might almost be as rusty as the ships you see in this video! But I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Music by: Greendjohn


تم تصوير هذا الفيديو في منطقة الدوحة في الكويت بمكان يطلق عليه اسم مقبرة السفن.

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