Sharq Walk (video project)

Watch it on Vimeo.

Kind of random footage I shot during a photo-walk around Sharq area in Kuwait and put quickly together. The video shows the three faces of Kuwait City; the super-modern, the developed and the completely neglected. I know that some might find the work emotional, but I’m leaving it up to the viewer to chose and describe his or her own emotion. The subjects shot include: Kuwait Maritime Museum, Sharq Marina, Sharq Mall, the Fish Market and various old and modern buildings of Kuwait City.

Shot with my Canon 5D MKII with Canon 100mm L f/2.8 Macro. Edited, regrettably, with Final Cut Pro X. I must say that I’m hating FCP X the more I use it, and I want my money back! I really hope for a drastic update to the software soon, that and I hope I still can download the demo of Premier CS “whatever number currently available” and give it another try.

Music is by the always beautiful and creative Feather Drug.

You might also want to watch Qibla Walk from the same series.


فيديو قمت بتصويره أثناء تجوالي مشيا حول منطقة شرق في مدينة الكويت، تظهر بالفلم مجموعة من المباني والمناظر التي تمثل وجهي مدينة الكويت الحديث والقديم.

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