Pushing Down


This post is just to push the name of you know who down so I -and you- don’t have to be reminded of…. what ever…

Any way.. I’m back to the UK, from Kuwait of course.. Yes I was in Kuwait for the past month and now I’m in Birmingham again… more about that later en shaa Allah.

This has got to be the worst post I have ever made! … But it’s still better than you know who 😛

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  1. I Finally see somthing new here.. everytime I came to check your latest posts I find the one about well umm you know who … the one I do hate to mention. o hashay 7ada boring!

    glad you came back 😛 welcome home and good luck!

  2. Locoroco Girl..

    thank you so much..

    The theme?

    No thank you.. not any time soon 😛

    kuw son..

    Allah yesalmek 🙂

    he is you know who.. I don’t want to say the name of he who you know 😕

    And the picture is just something I found on my hard disk 😎


    You can say so 🙂

    Thank you 🙂

  3. bin3li..

    الله يسلمك.. الأمل دايما موجود 😛


    Yes it is sad..

    I tried my best but you know how it was.. there were many things I couldn’t do 😕

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